The Organocatalysis Research Group has three state-of-the-art preparative chemical laboratories with a total of 20 large fume hoods. These are equipped for advanced organic syntheses, including inert techniques, micropreparative techniques, and large-scale syntheses. Furthermore, several analytical instruments are available to support high-quality synthetic researches.


  • GS Glovebox
  • High-pressure gas system for hydrogenation (100 bar)
  • ElectraSyn 2.0 electrochemical reactor
  • Anton Paar Monowave 300 microwave reactor
  • Teledyne CombiFlash flash chromatography systems
  • ECOM/Teledyne preparative HPLC system
  • IOC Instrumental Laboratories:
    • Varian Inova 300 NMR spectrometer
    • Varian Inova 500 NMR spectrometer
    • Shimadzu 2010 Ultra GCMS system
    • Shimadzu 2020 HPLC-MS system
    • ABL&E-Jasco HPLC system for chiral separation
    • Agilent 6850 GC-FID system for chiral separation
    • PerkinElmer Spectrum 3 MIR/FIR spectrometer
    • Jasco P-2000 polarimeter
    • Metrohm automatic Karl-Fisher titrator
    • Meltview automatic melting point determination instrument