The Soós Organocatalysis
Research Group



The focus of our research is the development of advanced organochemical synthetic methodologies, exemplified in organocatalysis, frustrated Lewis pair chemistry, and strained heterocycle chemistry. These are also applied in the total synthesis of various biologically active natural products.


We are an organic chemistry-focused research group from Hungary, pursuing the expansion of the chemical space for over two decades now.

Our group is part of the Eötvös Loránd Research Network and the Research Centre for Natural Sciences

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We are excited to report the first enantioselective and scalable #totalsyntheses of #kratom pseudoindoxyl metabolites in @ChemRxiv: Our collaborative work uncovered the exhibited structural plasticity of these opioid analgesics in biological systems. SoosGroup photo
Check out our latest paper accepted in @angew_chem: a powerful tool for the late-stage formal oxidation of prenylated molecules via metathesis. Congrats to Krisz and the team!
Thanks to @That_chemist for highlighting our work in @angew_chem as Honorable Mention in his latest selection:
We have some exciting news to share! Congratulations to Ádám for winning the prestigious Patonay Prize today! Last week Sári received the Kalaus Prize and Péter was awarded at the Zechmeister Symposium. Congrats!👏👏
Transforming unactivated alkenes into (E) or even elusive (Z) unsaturated conjugated carbonyls without metals? - Thianthrenium chemistry furnishing pheromones. Take a look at @angew_chem, just accepted!
#thianthrenium #pheromones #agrochemicals #lobesia